To the Far Side of the World

From the time William had introduced himself to the time she had boarded the Pan Am 747, Catherine's life had been a whirlwind. The first issue was telling her children that she was going to be leaving in a few short weeks and that communication with her would be sparse at best. She would send postcards back home of course, and there would be the ability to contact her by text, telephone and email, but none of that mattered to them, even though they were all now adults and had their own lives. The fact of which she had accepted; however, her no ex-husband had not, as he pleaded for her to reconsider and to do something more sensible with her time, like either find a job, or cause, that she could sink her teeth into and maybe find herself in.

It was when, less than 24 hours after she had paid for the entire trip, that her ex-husband tried to work her nagging guilt, she snapped back, reminded him of why they had divorced, and told him off.  She was no longer accountable to him or to anyone else for that matter. Her children would miss her, but they would be fine. It wasn't like she was heading off to war. No, she was on her way to a place so foreign that few Westerners had ever sat foot in what was a strange and exotic land know for it's geisha culture, cars, electronics, and really not much else.  Catherine on the other hand knew better, for her two trips there opened her eyes to a magical land that had a culture thousands of years old and a social customs and a language that defied her logic, despite the fact that she herself was from not too far away in the Philippines.

Before she paid for her trip, William laid out her itinerary for the first month of her trip. She intended to stay longer, but William suggested that her future lodging plans could wait, and also perhaps, as she did not know the language, she might consider hiring a guide during her journey. Catherine thought that was a good idea, but decided it best to wait until she arrived to find and hire a guide.  Even though her smartphone could easily help her navigate the railroads and roads, there was no substitute to having someone actually guide her on what she intended to be a very adventurous trip.

For the next month, Catherine devoured nearly every free moment at the library studying up on all of the places on her itinerary.  For her first two trips she confined herself to the tourist areas, but this trip was to be much different, as she would travel the length and width of the island nation and visit such out of the way places that, had it not been for the Internet, she would never have heard of nor visited.  The plan for her was to start small and travel light, which for her would not be a problem, as her wardrobe for the trip was to be as many one piece dresses as possible, including sundresses, wrap dresses, mini skirts and very little underwear.  For the first time in many years she felt free from all convention, which also meant she could be as daring as she wanted to be, and on this trip, she planned to have as much fun as a single woman ever would.

Amongst Catherine's plans was for her to take an overnight train ride, something she had longed to do, and fly out of Detroit instead of where she lived.  When she looked at the costs comparison she realized that it made more sense to take the extra time and enjoy the journey.  However, she did need to make sure she packed all she needed and sent over a few days prior to her arrival two large suitcases of all her dresses and shoes. She also packed her yoga and Pilates clothes and a few of her favorite panties and bras, though, because she was going in summer, she doubted she would need to wear much under her clothes.

As she spent the last week prior to departure completing her planning and fine tuning her sight seeing itinerary, she began looking at the many festivals she saw one that really caught her eye called "The Okayama Naked Man Festival" in Okayama Prefecture, near Hiroshima and on the Seto Inland Sea.  As Catherine gazed at the young men she could not help but feel herself getting wet at the sight of them. Since the divorce her love life had been non-existent, and even just as non-existent prior to the divorce, but for her she had every intention of ending her long drought, and with that thought she typed into her browser "erotic Japan"...

On the day of her departure for Detroit, Catherine awoke from the deepest sleep she could remember having in a very long time. For the last several nights she had vivid and strange dreams of Japan and kaleidoscope images of the people whom her mind envisioned her meeting.  Among many of the people there were several recurring characters, all of whom were Japanese, except for one.  The stranger seemed to defy description as she could really never see his face.  All she knew was how he walked, and strangely, how he smelled. For her the scent of the stranger had turned her on so much that she awoke to find herself touching herself as she imagined him making love to her in what she could only believe was a temple.

The plan of the day was for her to leave her house by 10 and to take a limo to Penn Station where she would take an overnight Amtrak journey to Detroit, and then catch a Delta flight to Tokyo Narita. Once in Tokyo the Park Hyatt shuttle service would pick her up and deliver very beautiful jet lagged body to Shinjuku. Once there, her already scheduled massage would take place, then she would nap until it was time to meet her friends out for a night of dancing in one of the several new chic sexy dresses she had bought and sent ahead, and which by now should have been unpacked and hung up in her hotel room.

For her train journey Catherine settled on a simple, yet sexy, yellow sundress, with a pair of stylish heels that had a flower pattern on them.  As she stepped out of the shower she could not help but admire and even be turned on by her own sexy body that she had worked hard over the years to keep in shape and turn back the hands of time.  Her beautiful breasts still looked as if the belonged to a woman half of her age, and her ass was firm and tight. In fact, her body still commanded attention by every man whom she passed on the street, all of whom, according to one of her daughters, lusted after her. According to her youngest, Catherine defined the term "Goddess."

As she admired her body Catherine thought about the adventure that awaited her. She sensed wonderful things and had a feeling that something truly special awaited her on the other side of the world. For her there was nothing she was not willing to do to live out her dreams of exploring and getting lost in another world where at every turn of the corner new experiences awaited and beckoned. Might she meet a new lover, or lovers, whatever the case might be? Would she learn how to be a Geisha, or might she lose herself in learning how to be a Ramen cook, Ikebana master or even learn the Japanese tea ceremony?

No matter what happened, Catherine was ready to do everything with a smile and completely open mind, and as she pondered her choice of bra and panties she realized, with a knowing grin, that maybe not wearing anything under her dress would be the best option. For her this trip was all about freedom, and what better way to make a statement, then to defy convention and be daring. Which she most definitely was as she slipped into her sexy dress and heels, and finished applying her make up.  Once done, the doorbell rang and she was met by a very handsome limo driver, who took her travel bag and escorted her to the car.

Once at chaotic Penn Station she quickly began to remind herself of the need for patience, as the station was a humidor. The air conditioner had broken nearly an hour before and because of the humidity outside, the levels inside were twice as high.  As she stood in line to check in and silently stared off into space, Catherine was suddenly jolted out of her trance by the faint smell of the cologne she only knew from her dreams, the scent of which instantly wet, wetter even then her now damp sun dress, which now clung to her beautifully sweaty body. In fact her dress was so moist that her nipples were clearly visible to any leering stranger, and there were definitely a few, including one person in particular.

Catherine looked around desperately to see from where the faint smell of the faceless handsome stranger of her dreams was coming, but to no avail, for as suddenly as she was awoken by his scent, it had just as quickly disappeared.  Her heart sank, for whoever he was, he had haunted her dreams and had already given her more pleasure than any man had in a very long time.  Once back to reality, she had her ticket validated and made her way toward her sleeper car first to place her carry on bag and then to the lounge car so that she could relax, charge her gadgets, have a nice glass of wine and watch as Gotham faded out of sight.

As the train pulled out of the station, Catherine settled back, slowly sipped her wine, put on her headphones and kicked off her heels. It would be long journey she knew, and now, as the cityscape rolled along and out of sight, the moment of realization had finally hit her that she was on her way and that she truly did not know when she would be back.  When the train crossed into New Jersey she began to think about her life, what she had done, and what her goals were now. With her kids grown it was now time for her to chart her own course in life, and she knew deep inside her destiny lay on the far side of the world.

With the "clickity clack" of the train rocking her gently, Catherine was soon lost in daydream when she heard from a distance footsteps coming towards her. It wasn't until she inhaled the familiar scent did she open her eyes and see standing before her, and looking down at her beautiful body, the best looking man she had ever seen. He reminded her of a soldier. As he walked by she couldn't resist staring at his tight ass,  broad shoulders, and thin waist, all of which  served to make her wet again and remind her of feelings that she hadn't dared to think of in a long time. As the "soldier" walked past, the smell of his cologne lingered and remained in the air, which in turn caused her to wonder not about her past, but rather her future, her very NEAR future. For, as the tall handsome stranger whom she had made love to in her dreams the night before had now crossed her path, she knew with certainty that her life had truly changed for the better and that nothing was beyond her reach in life.

Before long Catherine felt all the troubles of her world wash away while she savored the faint smell of the soldier and the porter poured herself another glass of wine.  She put on her headphones on and lost herself in the music as she read her e-book on the obscure sites in Japan, like the cat temples.  By the time she had finished her glass she knew it was almost time for lunch to be served in the dining car, which, since she had rushed her breakfast, most desperately craved.  As she got up to walk to the dining car she could not help but notice the rear end of the handsome stranger heading in the same direction as where she was going, and with a smile she vowed to herself to perhaps get a closer look at the man of her dreams.

When she entered the dining car she found it to be all but packed with every table occupied, save for one. The soldier was alone, with his back to hers, at the table ordering.  The small dining car held approximately 50 people in crowded conditions that reminded Catherine of what it must be like on a Navy submarine, and the smell of spices and ingredients lingered in the air. Her stomach was rumbling and she felt a tad light headed from drinking wine not to long before.  It was perhaps because of the wine that she summoned the courage to approach the handsome stranger and ask him if the seat across from him was occupied.

"Excuse me, is this seat taken," which she said in an almost school girl tone, for her knees suddenly trembled with a mixture of lust and expectant disappoint by his reply.

Time seemed to stand still for Catherine as she inhaled and awaited him saying that his wife, girlfriend, or even for that matter his boyfriend, was on the way to meet him.

The soldier looked up at her, clearly caught of guard, but with pleasant surprise, and said "No. Not at all," with a smile that melted Catherine's heart and other parts of her inside.

For the soldier, the vision of Catherine standing there before him was like a dream come true. When he saw her at the station looking angelic in her sun dress, and whose beautiful athletic body he could see in silhouette from the sun beaming through the Penn Station skylight, he had fallen instantly in love. Then, when he had seen her in profile looking out the window of the lounge car, completely impervious to distraction of her surroundings and letting her natural beauty speak for itself, he fell even harder and hoped that he would at least get to make eye contact with the goddess that now stood before him.

As Catherine took her seat she smiled and looked deep into his greenish blue eyes and said, "I'm Cat, short for Catherine."  The cowboy looked deep into her brown eyes and said with a smile, "I'm Greg." As Catherine looked at his 6'0" frame and blue t-shirted torso she figured he was approximately the same age as she was and had definitely aged well.  Many men his age she knew let themselves go, but not him. He may not have had the athletic physique of say a David Beckham, but she liked what she saw and knew that what really mattered were those things under the hood and inside the heart.

As she took her seat, Catherine could not keep her eyes off Greg, nor could he off her. She was simply, without a doubt, the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on.  It wasn't just her looks either, but there was a way that she confidently carried herself as he watched her walk through the train station. She looked great in her heels and there was a bold bounce in her step that not only caught his attention, but also many other men and even women.  She was simply "that girl", the one all men noticed and had to look twice at to see if her beauty was truly real.

As Catherine sat down she immediately looked down to see if Greg had a ring on his finger, as he did to with her lithe fingers. Those silent glances downward, which both noticed, were the only words ever spoken about who might be waiting back at home for either one. As they talked and in the days that followed, neither one wanted to know who it was that they did or did not share their bed with.  Both were only focused on the here and now, and on each other, nothing else mattered, for their chance meeting set off a spark that forged an unbreakable bond stronger than any ring might ever symbolize.

The first thing Catherine noticed about Greg was that  his blue and green eyes seemed to radiate from him, while for him, it was her dark brown eyes that pulled him in and to this day, have still not let him go.  Once their eye contact was made and firmly locked was the spiritual bond sealed, though it would take some time before either realized just how deep the spiritual bond would be.  As they made small talk they noticed everything about each other, such as the way they laughed and smiled. The immediate noticeable thing for both was simply the way each talked, with hers being an exotic mix of Asian and East Coast, while his was part farm boy and part Chicago South Side.  And of course, they both committed the slight hints of perfume and cologne to memory, as for the next several hours, as one hour led to another, and with it the bottle of wine they shared, the two began their courtship.

It was midway through the first half hour that they both realized that their destination was the same, Japan.  However, for Greg, he was booked on an earlier flight and was traveling in a much different route than she, that being Detroit to Seoul and then Fukuoka, from where he intended to traverse up the country for a month photographing and documenting as much of what he called "Japan's other side," the sites not seen in tourist brochures and travel magazines, such as the Yakuza, the motorcycle gangs, and the red light districts, all of which posed a danger to him because of his being a "Gaijin", and his limited English.  He had been planning this trip since his forced retirement from the Navy, due to medical reasons. With those medical issues now healed, he was on his way as a freelance journalist on his first assignment. Needless to say, each of them made enough eye contact to know that their planned journeys would, at some point intersect, sooner rather than later.

For Catherine her topic of conversation was about her kids, though she looked to old to have any child older than toddler. She told him of her career, and her upbringing in the shadow of the Chinese Empire and how, after her two previous trips to Japan she was absolutely fascinated with the culture and the land. Though she was quick to admit there were elements of the culture, which Greg was more than familiar with, that she had never heard of, like The Floating World, a term he had said but did not explain. Catherine definitely planned on looking that up, as well as his references to "Kabuki-cho."  For her, she was fascinated by much of what she saw, though she did think that in general Japanese men were quite simply "not her type" as many of them still took tours to poor Asian countries for "sex tours" which only served to abuse and enslave those employed, much like the Japanese had done to her country in World War II.

Greg talk about his back story in both law enforcement and the military, and admitted that the biggest regret in his life was not his failed relationships, but rather the fact that he never had any kids.  Had he been a father, he surmised, he would have been even better than his own father at raising children. For Catherine, she was the best example of how to be both the greatest mother in the world, by raising children any parent would have been proud of, and also a successful career woman.  As Greg watched Catherine glow and smile in talking about her children he wished that this would have been the woman he had married. She was whom he had hoped his whole life to meet, and had it not been for the fact that his earlier trip had been overbooked, he would not be sitting across from Catherine gazing into her eyes and wondering what their first kiss would be like.

As their conversation lengthened, especially upon the arrival of a second bottle of wine, which both knew had to be their mutual limit, the flirtation between them intensified and pushed the sexual envelope, yet never going so far as to push the envelope off the table. Yet, despite words, their eyes between them communicated what words could not convey, and it was in this eye contact that they felt their hands brush up against each other ever so gentle, the sensation of which sent electric jolts of desire through both of them as their hands lingered and fingers touched, with neither one willing to pull away.

The spell eventually broke when a porter made the announcement to those in the car that the dining service was closing and that all meals for the rest of the trip would be in the secondary car.  With that Catherine made a bold move and told Greg that if he wanted to he was more than welcome to stop by for a night cap in a couple hours after she had made the rounds of phone calls to her children. They then got up and Greg touched Catherine's back as the car rocked and she fell back toward him, the sensation of which made her even wetter and he harder.  Once out of the dining car Greg said he would be by in a couple of hours, after he went back to his sleeping car and freshened up, including a nice hot shower, while Catherine decided to do the same back in her car, where, she hoped, Greg would keep his promise for the night cap.

As the sun went down, returned first to her room, but then instead of showering and waiting on Greg, she decided instead to take a walk. Wandering from car to car she came across a dimly lit room with a very large window, and as she paused to watch the scenery whipping by, she never heard the door, but with her sixth sense and the faint smell of his intoxicating scent, she knew he had entered the room. Surrendering to the moment, she was startled but not really afraid as Greg locked the door behind him and gently slipped a blindfold over her eyes. She attempted to turn around but his strong arms wrapped around her and pinned her and pressed her up against the viewing window. His lips were warm as they brushed her neck. She could feel the stubble from his face and inhaled deep his musk. She tried to picture his face from behind her blindfold, and remembered the shape of his strong hands, the hands that were now releasing her to linger on her breasts. He cupped her breasts gently at first then started pinching her nipples through the thin fabric of her dress. She knew she should be afraid, but this is what she had left New York for, wasn't it? For her Greg was a taste of all the adventure and excitement that she craved.

With ease Greg slipped Catherine's dress off of her shoulders and let it fall to the floor, leaving her beautiful breasts open to the world in front of this big window. She then felt him coming around in front of her. and his tongue begin to flick her nipples. Her insides were was so hot and wet, that her juices felt as if they were dripping down her leg. Greg continued to tease her nipples, licking them and then biting them just enough to send waves of pleasure through her. It was all she could do not to moan loud in pleasure, for she knew that not just a few feet from them, on the other side of a thin aluminum wall, were paying passengers.  However, the thrill of getting caught served to turn her on even more as Catherine turned around and pulled off the blindfold and Greg pulled her into him and the two of them kissed so deep that their souls literally became in that instant one.

Catherine gasped as Greg grabbed her tight and he lifted her up all the while their lips and probing tongues never broke from each other.  Catherine wrapped her lithe limbs around him as she felt his constrained hardness push up against her moist mound, while his hands gripped her tight bottom hard and pulled her even closer into him.  As they held each other tight  Greg gently pushed Catherine up against the glass and the two of them melded into each other as their tongues danced, eyes met and they held on tighter to each other. Holding her tight against the glass with his body Greg reached for Catherine's breasts and gently pinched her nipples and rolled them as she, with her hands, held onto his face and stroked his cheeks. His touch sent shivers down her spine and she found herself grinding on his hardness as their passion became further enflamed as the seconds in began.    

Their kisses were both soft and gentle, while at the same time urgent and a passionate. Their bodies surged with desire as Catherine let out a moan when Greg gripped her breasts tighter and pinched her nipples ever so harder to elicit an orgasmic jolt as she ground into him.   They both knew however that they had plenty of time as they looked deep into each others eyes and smiled silently. No words were needed now, for they knew in that moment as Greg held his beautiful lover in his arms that their souls were now joined.  Neither one wanted to let the moment end either, so they continued kissing passionately, though slower and more sensuously for several long minutes until finally Catherine looked into his eye and said, "shall we get more comfortable?" As she nodded over for the corner where a there was a sofa chair.

As he looked over at the sofa he knew instantly what he wanted to do, and that was to pleasure this beautiful naked Goddess whom he now held lovingly in his arms.  Greg then kissed Catherine deep and looked into her eyes and said, "I am going to pleasure you in every imaginable way Beautiful. You cum first, you always cum first. I want to see you smile and I want to make every dream of yours come true." As he said this Catherine felt in her heart that she had finally found her elusive "soulmate."  That one person whom she could trust with all her heart and who would never betray her, and whom she could trust with her life, and whom would always make her happy. However, in that moment as her beautiful nude body was wrapped around her new lover, she knew also that her body needed to be pleasured and worship, and that Greg would definitely not disappoint.

Greg laid Catherine down on the sofa, and then knelt before her, and gently spread her wide.  She dripped with desire and longing and gasped and nearly came as he held her beautiful legs apart and his tongue met her wetness for the first time. Catherine trembled and whimpered as she looked down to watch him slowly drink from her. When his tongue found her clit she let out a moan that, had the train not been going through a tunnel somewhere in Pennsylvania coal country, the old woman in the nearby car playing Bridge, would have surely heard, for Catherine's her cry of desire was one of pure ecstasy and joy. As Greg slowly traced every part of her dripping wet entrance, Catherine slowly pinched and rolled her nipples, the sensation of which sent ripples of orgasmic shock through her quivering and now sweaty beautiful body, which glistened in the moonlight that now pierced the black veil of the night.

Catherine moaned softly as Greg gently and vigorously lapped at her dripping pussy, savoring every pearly drop of her juices that flowed from her on to his tongue. Her body quivered and trembled under his touch and held his head to her mound as he spread her even wider.  As he slowly bathed her clit and lips with his tongue, he gently inserted a finger deep into her, the sensation of which sent a wave of orgasmic shock and pleasure through her, for her insides wanted him so bad and that at some point she would be begging him to take her deep and fill her up with all of his cock, which now strained in his jeans and sought relief.

However, Greg had no intention of satisfying his own pleasure, for all that mattered was hers as he slowly and torturously licked her and penetrated her with one, then two fingers. All the while Catherine lay before him, beautiful legs spread wide and completely and invitingly vulnerable to her new lover. Steadily he brought her to the brink of orgasm, and then, just when she thought he might make her explode in pleasure, he sensed her release and purposely changed the tempo, so as to keep her on the erotic edge begging and pleading for him to make her and let her cum.  However, Greg knew that the longer he teased and tortured her, the more intense her pleasure and release would be, and that when she came, she would cum so hard that she would tremble harder than she had ever trembled before.

As the train sped through the countryside, the car rocked and Greg held Catherine tight on the sofa, while she, with her legs wide and spread, continued to pinch and pull on her nipples.  She could feel the  erotic pressure inside her womb become ever greater and more urgent as Greg found her g-stop with his fingers and slowly bring her to the brink until finally she could take now more and felt her insides melt as she erupted and drenched him with her beautiful juices. As Catherine came, it was all Greg could do not to drown from her wetness that poured out of her and only his tongue and all over his inviting lips and face.  She had cum so much that she had drenched the couch and practically squirted, the sensation of which turned her on even more as Greg's lips and tongue continued their erotic assault on her pussy until she was practically begging for him to stop and fill her up with his cock.

She had noticed a table in the corner of the room when she had entered. It was there that he now led her. Not saying a word, the cowboy turned her around and gently pushed her to the floor. She could hear him unzipping his pants and felt them fall onto her knees. Placing his hands on either side of her head he guided himself into her mouth. She took him with pleasure, running her tongue around the tip of his cock. Then sucking him in deep down her throat making him moan with pleasure. He started pumping her mouth until he couldn't hold it any longer. Shooting his seed into her mouth and onto her lips. As she sucked and licked up ever drop he reached down and removed the blindfold.

He was beautiful. His body was ever better than she imagined. Now she wanted to be fucked, and to feel his hard cock deep inside her. With little effort on her part she quickly got him hard again. "Now," she said, "It's your turn to please me." Bending over the table she lifted her skirt making her wet pussy very accessible. His cock slipped easily into her and began pumping her hard and fast. She loved the feeling of being fucked. The feeling of his cock filling her up, the feel of his balls slapping against her, the smell of sex, she loved it all!

She knew it wasn't going to take long for her to reach orgasm, but she didn't want to do it like this. She wanted to see his face. Jumping up on the table she pulled her legs up and he gladly returned to his hard, hot pace. That was all it took, watching him as he pounded her was just too much. She started to cum with such great intensity that she almost fell off the table. But he had a hold of her. Again he began to fill her pussy with his hot cum.

As they both began to come back to earth she could feel his hot cum running down her ass. She put herself somewhat back together, kissed his lips and excused herself to use the restroom in the next car, but when she returned, her cowboy was gone.

It was at that moment that Catherine began to realize that this is what an exciting life could be like away from her little town. As Catherine sat down and watched the scenery roll past, her fingers found their way to her still moist slit, as she smiled and silently thought to herself, I think I'm going to enjoy this big, bad world.


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