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Catherine's Journey Begins

As she sipped on her luke warm Earl Grey tea, while the chairwoman of her current volunteer quest droned on about the increasing need of  money, time and efforts to help with the city’s increasing number of homeless citizens, she dipped her finger in the tiny China tea cup and stirred the tepid liquid. Her mind was numbed by the same speech she had heard on many occasions for all the numerous charitable organizations she participated with over the years.  

She looked out the large arched window of the library of one of the elite social clubs of Chicago and wondered why she, Catherine James, was now wasting away days away with other women that had nothing better to do with their time than attend charity meetings, or go to yoga and Pilates, or other ridiculous pursuits that still left one wanting and yearning for something more. For Catherine, she longed for a true romantic adventure that one only read about in novels. The kind of adventure that once read, every man and woman would never…

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