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To the Far Side of the World

From the time William had introduced himself to the time she had boarded the Pan Am 747, Catherine's life had been a whirlwind. The first issue was telling her children that she was going to be leaving in a few short weeks and that communication with her would be sparse at best. She would send postcards back home of course, and there would be the ability to contact her by text, telephone and email, but none of that mattered to them, even though they were all now adults and had their own lives. The fact of which she had accepted; however, her no ex-husband had not, as he pleaded for her to reconsider and to do something more sensible with her time, like either find a job, or cause, that she could sink her teeth into and maybe find herself in.

It was when, less than 24 hours after she had paid for the entire trip, that her ex-husband tried to work her nagging guilt, she snapped back, reminded him of why they had divorced, and told him off.  She was no longer accountable to him or t…

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